unused VDIs

It’s always a good practice to keep a VDI estate in a good managed manner. Unused VDIs are not so easy to locate with the provided out-of-box View Administrator capabilities. Such VDIs can often appear when people leave and if not a good working leaving process exists.
In some of the environments I was tasked to clean the unused VDIs and decided to automate the process.
The script will report events from all pools with a VCenter source. If data for Manual pools with physical desktops is required, just change the respective WHERE clause.


squeezing ESXi on USB

Recently after building my home lab, I was monitoring the memory resources and noticed that I’m getting too low available memory. As the cluster has only 48 GB, I’m always trying to optimize its usage. So after digging into esxtop stats, I found out the RAM drives were eating a substantial amount as booting from USB always causes this. Continue reading